Classes and Workshops

Classes and Workshops

Konnakkol Italia is the first and only academy in Italy offering specific courses and workshops on Konnakkol and its applications, with the approval of World Konnakkol Academy (India).

Our philosophy integrates two perspectives:

  • the traditional Carnatic method, as taught in India (World Konnakkol Academy curriculum), to understand in depth the Carnatic musical world;
  • an inter-cultural perspective, in which some concepts and elements of Konnakkol are applied in non-traditional contexts, to represent and sing any type of complex rhythmic structure, analyse irregular groups, assimilate polymetries and polyrhythms, analyze and interpret music, improvising, work on ensemble time feel, etc …


All the classes are designed in a modular way and to provide useful tools to musicians (both instrumentalists or singers), composers, dancers, conductors and teachers.

Please find below some general characteristics of our classes.
Classes can eventually be adapted to specific needs and requests (notwithstanding the awareness of the basics of language).

For more details about our courses, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Basic subjects

  • Konnakkol;
  • Drumset/Percussion & Konnakkol;
  • Rhythm perception, theory and history;
  • Application of Konnakkol to Western music;
  • Carnatic singing;
  • Mridangam.



The following workshops can be organized on one, two or more days, depending on the particular interests.


Traditional Konnakkol

  • some key concepts in Indian Rhythmic;
  • brief historical survey;
  • syllables, words, phrases of konnakkol;
  • tāla: historical and structural facts;
  • the tālas more in use nowadays;
  • traditional compositions.


Drumset & Konnakkol

  • syllables, words, phrases of konnakkol;
  • tāla: historical and structural facts;
  • comparison with Western music;
  • transposition of the concept to drumset parameters;
  • pulse and subdivision awareness;
  • restoring the dignity of body and voice.


Rhythm & Konnakkol

  • brief survey of Western and Indian musical systems;
  • human time and rhythm perception;
  • meter and rhythm;
  • Western musical notation;
  • rhythm in Western music;
  • some key concepts in Indian rhythmic;
  • applying Indian concepts in Western music;
  • analysis of Western musical scores;
  • some useful tools for analysis, performance, interpretation.


Rhythmic awareness for all musicians

  • perception of time and meter;
  • rhythm, voice and body;
  • physical and mental awareness;
  • the language of Konnakkol;
  • pulse and meter awareness;
  • subdivision awareness;
  • grouping awareness;
  • putting all together in musical context;
  • individual and ensemble exercises.


What you will obtain

In attending our classes, you will always get personal support and assistance directly from us.

You will have all our special documents and material in digital format.


Contact us for more infos.